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Gabbie Carter & Jade Baker - Appreciating Nice Tits - Large Naturals Sc3

Gabbie Carter & Jade Baker - Appreciating Nice Tits - Large Naturals Sc3 - 10/12/19

Moving on we hear from Jade that she and Gabbie were in the same class in school and there was a test coming up so the offer was made to study together. But you see the two main reasons why this invite was extended. Also vocally Jade lets us know and who can blame her Gabbie's got awesome rocking natural tits that the Southpark Kids would die for!!! At the outset of this study session is was apparent that Jade couldn't keep her eyes off Gabbie's tits and she noticed!! Jade played it cool how she was not trying to creep on Gabbie but she's very good with what Jade was doing anyway. Turns out she was into girls as well and if Jade would rock her tits out then Gabbie would do the same-- now that's what I call a great study partner!! Both girls whip them out and yeah each is blessed with some real nice boobs though it was obvious Gabbie's were a bit bigger. The touching from both is nice as was the two locking lips. The boob sucking was great early on and damn Jade going from breast to breast-- I'm talking a mouthful. This was Jade's fantasy but it was Gabbie doing a fantastic job leading the action being the first to go down to eat pussy and she gets going friends with that tongue. The face sitting shots so far have been fantastic and another one graces your screen in this scene. Gabbie and her tits moving beautifully over Jade's face. The girls do some tribbing as well during the course of their "study session". Just a fantastic close up as we near the close of Gabbie over Jade's face and those tits were front and center as she goes from boob to boob. One last highlight happens when Jade goes up top to ride Gabbie's face and the shot pulled back just enough to bring everything in from Jade's ass to Gabbie's tits and her pussy. Not sure how these two will do in school but as study fuck buddies they were Aces!

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